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I just discovered Because Babies Grow Up, a blog about what to do with your babies when they “grow up”. Essentially, once your baby is no longer newborn how do you interact with them.  She writes here about how music and books promote emergent literacy. 

I wrote in this post about interacting with your babies to make them smarter.  “Because Babies Grow Up” is a blog that gives a lot of helpful hints about how to interact with your baby without putting them in front of the television. Books, songs and music are all great ways to do this. 

This post is an entry into the “Because Babies Grow Up” giveaway for the ebook “Laptime Songs for Mommies”.

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  • Amber: Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers! You summed up the reason for the name better than I've been able to :) Good luck in the giveaway!
  • Musing: I wasn't able to finish Twilight myself, but I'm always glad to hear of young people being turned on to reading. :)
  • juliannahelt: I forgot about Twelve Hats for Lena. It is a great book! Thanks for mentioning it.