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Once you watch your young child graduate from preschool it is time to prepare for the next step: kindergarten.  This is the most important milestone in your child’s school career.  It can also be a frightening transition for a young child.  New school, new teachers and new friends all make transitioning to kindergarten an emotional experience. The National Head Start Association and the SERVE Regional Educational Laboratory state on their Terrific Transitions website that, “There is a great deal of information indicating that a child’s success in school can be linked, at least in part, to effective transition practices and activities”  ( Parents and caregivers must do their part in preparing their child for this transition into kindergarten.
               Parents can ease the stress of this transition by providing children with literature experiences that discuss this new kindergarten and school experience.  Reading books about a potentially stressful situation, with a parent, can take the stress out of the situation.  Here are a few book suggestions parents can share with their child:

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate
               A delightful book with fun illustrations by Ashley Wolff depicts a kindergarten teacher and her students getting ready for kindergarten.  It also introduces the letters of the alphabet which is perfect for budding kindergarteners.  The first of a series, this is a must for any preschooler getting ready for kindergarten.
The Berenstain Bears Go to School by Stan and Jan Berenstain
               Sister Bear is nervous about starting school but discovers all the fun stuff she gets to do at school.   Mama Bear helps to soothe Sister’s fears but taking her to the new classroom and meeting her new teacher.  A classic book, which gently acknowledges a child’s fears while easing the stress of starting school.
The Wheels on the School Bus by Mary-Alice Moore
               A favorite song is tweaked to introduce the many people who make up the daily life of a school as they all travel on the school bus.  Children will love to sing along the new verses such as “the librarian on the bus…” and parents can discuss with their children the new experiences and new faces kindergarteners will encounter day to day at their school. 
Kindergarten Countdown by Anna Jane Hays
               Children won’t be able to help getting excited about kindergarten with this appealing picture book.  Rhyming text is perfect for preschoolers and the enthusiasm of the text will rub off on even the most skeptical of would be kindergarteners.
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
               Chester the raccoon is reluctant to head off to kindergarten but his mother devises a secret way he will be reminded of her love throughout the day.  Separating from parents can be a tough issue for children who haven’t spent that much time away from home.  This sweet picture book can ease a child’s mind and give parents an idea to help with soothing separation anxiety.
               Parents must acknowledge the fact that moving up to kindergarten is hard for their young child.  Using children’s literature can help with the transition.  Reading together and discussing the situation will help take the stress out of starting school

index1I am a strong believer in learning important lessons through books.  This may be because some of my favorite books growing up were The Berenstain Bears.  These days you can find a lot of books to help your child transition through hard times and learn about important events coming up in their lives.  There are great books on toilet training, moving from a crib to a bed, getting rid of the pacifier, or welcoming a new baby for toddlers and preschoolers.

I recently came across a series of board books by Elizabeth Verdick for toddlers that deal with many different issues parents may need a little extra help with.  Each comes with tips for parents and are well illustrated and have simple text toddlers will be able to understand.  They are a great way to help toddlers who are having difficulty with different situations. 

Naptime by Elizabeth Verdick. This is a great book about the importance of naping.  I’ve read it to my daughter because she recently has had some trouble napping. 

Tails Are Not for Pulling by Elizabeth Verdick. I also read this to my daughter to teach not to pull our cat’s tails.  This along with some other good books helped her learn that she was hurting the cats and she doesn’t (usually) pull their tails anymore.

Here are other titles by Elizabeth Verdick:

Bye-bye Time

Clean-up Time

Listening Time

Diapers are not Forever

Pacifiers are not Forever

Germs are not for Sharing

Words are not for Hurting

Feet are not for Kicking

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