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I recently read a blog post on Playful Learning on using DVDs to promote literacy development.  She talks about some wonderful books that were made into wonderful DVDs.  One of my favorite is the Chrysanthemum video which is narrated by Meryl Streep.  My daughter found this at our library and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it more than she did.  But then I found the book and she loved hearing the book read. 

I would take it one step farther as well and recommend reading books that are based on television shows children enjoy.  My daughter recently went through a Dora phase and the Dora books are still popular for her.  I usually try to make a book connection with anything she watches on television.   The following books you can also find a DVD or television show associated with them.  Some were books first and then a television show and some (like Dora) were shows first and the books came later.

Curious George





Charlie & Lola

Martha Speaks

Bob the Builder

Thomas the Tank Engine

Blue’s Clues


Sesame Street

My daughter often enjoys reading the books associated with her favorite television shows more than actually watching the shows.


I will be the first to admit that Twilight is not my favorite book.  In fact, if someone would ask me to give a review of the book it would not be favorable.  But, like Harry Potter before it, Twilight has turned reluctant readers into actual readers. I am a full-time children’s and teen librarian and I would say in the course of my day I am asked atleast once if we have the book or now the movie.  I see it or its sequels exchange hands atleast three times a day.  It has definitely made a mark on the literary world no matter what my opinion of it is.

One such “reader” is one of our library employees who is 16.  I have known him for several years and in that time I have seen him read one book.  Can you guess what that book might be? That’s right! Twilight! He actually picked it up and read it.  And not just that but he liked it and he talked about it and he was excited about it.  His status updates on Facebook were what page he was on in the book.  He has since finished it and moved on to the second in the series. He and other teens in the library have forced me to have a Twilight party at the library in the summer.  He has gotten excited about this party and I’m sure, because of his excitement, it will be a success.  

I love Harry Potter.  When I read the series I fell in love (again) with children’s literature, quit my job, and returned to school to become a children’s librarian.  So I credit the series for propelling me into a careeer I love.  Many people have written about how the series has turned kids back on to books and even some adults.  I know my husband never read until he read the series and know reads all the time. 

I don’t love Twilight but I have seen it turn kids and teens into readers.  It may not be on the same literary level (in my opinion) as Harry Potter but it has had a very similar effect.



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  • Amber: Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers! You summed up the reason for the name better than I've been able to :) Good luck in the giveaway!
  • Musing: I wasn't able to finish Twilight myself, but I'm always glad to hear of young people being turned on to reading. :)
  • juliannahelt: I forgot about Twelve Hats for Lena. It is a great book! Thanks for mentioning it.